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PodRocket covers everything you need to know about frontend web development on a weekly basis. Join LogRocket cofounder Ben Edelstein, the LogRocket engineering team, and more, as they interview experienced developers about all the libraries, frameworks, and tech industry issues they deal with every day.

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  • Bun with Jarred Sumner (Repeat)

    December 27th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  27 mins 56 secs
    bun, javascript, runtime

    Originally published on August 5th, 2022.
    We are taking some time off from production. We will be back with new episodes on January 3rd, 2023.

    Bun has been one of the most talked about JavaScript runtimes since its release, and we got to talk to Jarred Sumner, the creator of Bun, about why it’s so fast, how it’s competing with Node, and more.

  • Married to HTTP/3 with Robin Marx (Repeat)

    December 23rd, 2022  |  Season 2  |  36 mins 4 secs
    http, http3, quic

    Originally published on July 28th, 2022.
    We are taking some time off from production. We will be back with new episodes on January 3rd, 2023.

    In this episode, we talk to Robin Marx, solutions architect at Akamai, about HTTP/3, the third version of the HTTP protocol, how it can be used, and how it’s developed over the past decade.

  • Rocket Surgery: 2022 in review with Kaelan Cooter and Noel Minchow

    December 21st, 2022  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 4 mins
    frontend development, javascript, web development

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to serve hot takes on 2022. Join PodRocket hosts Noel and Kaelan as they discuss the ups and downs of web development in 2022, what they hated, what they loved, and how they think the industry will change in 2023.

  • Vue's road to Vite with Haoqun Jiang

    December 20th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  23 mins 10 secs
    frontend, javascript, vue

    Haoqun Jiang, a Vue.js and Vite core team member, joins us to talk about how the Vue core team decided to move from Vue CLI to Vite and what that process entailed.

  • Building a design system in Next.js with Tailwind with Tru Narla

    December 16th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  20 mins 45 secs
    design, design system, nextjs, tailwind, tailwind css

    Software Engineer at Discord and Twitch partner, Tru Narla, joins us today to talk about design systems, using Tailwind to create a positive user experience, and more.

  • A complete rewrite of ESLint with Nicholas Zakas

    December 15th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  24 mins 32 secs
    eslint, rust, web development

    Web development has changed a lot since the release of ESLint in 2013. Nicholas Zakas, the creator of ESLint, joins us to talk about the complete rewrite of ESLint, goals for the rewrite, and how the rewrite will leverage Rust.

  • Deno with Ryan Dahl

    December 14th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  31 mins 25 secs
    deno, javascript runtimes, nodejs, web development

    We sit down with Ryan Dahl, creator of Deno and Node.js, to talk about his experience in web development, why he created Node.js, and why he sees Deno as the next step for JavaScript runtimes.

  • Engineering at Mailchimp with CTO, Eric Muntz

    December 13th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  35 mins 47 secs

    CTO of Mailchimp, Eric Muntz, joins us to talk about how he started as a software engineer at Mailchimp almost thirteen years ago, the engineering team's mission statement, a few “ghost” stories, and more.

  • What makes pnpm performant with Zoltan Kochan

    December 9th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  31 mins 20 secs

    We sit down with Zoltan Kochan, creator of pnpm, an efficient and fast package manager, to talk about his Vite Conf talk, “What makes pnpm performant.”

  • Figma with Dylan Field

    December 7th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  46 mins 22 secs
    design, development, figma

    CEO and Co-Founder of Figma, Dylan Field, joins us to talk about the collaborative design tool, the importance of design, the early stages of Figma, and more.

  • Making typesafe APIs easy with tRPC with Trash Dev

    December 6th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  24 mins 6 secs
    trpc, typesafe api

    Chris Bautista, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, also known as Trash Dev online and to his Twitch community, joins us to go through his recent Next.js Conf talk, “Making typesafe APIs easy with tRPC.”

  • The future of Angular with Minko Gechev

    December 2nd, 2022  |  Season 2  |  28 mins 50 secs

    In this episode, we talk to Minko Gechev, Angular Product Lead, about what is new in Angular v15 and what to expect from Angular in the future.

  • A guide to React rendering behavior with Mark Erikson

    November 30th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  39 mins 50 secs
    react, react rendering

    Mark Erikson, Senior Frontend Engineer at Replay and Redux maintainer, rejoins the pod to talk about his latest conference talk, “A guide to React rendering behavior,” where he goes in-depth about React rendering and issues that can appear while attempting it.

  • Next.js 13, Vercel, and the future with Guillermo Rauch

    November 29th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  49 mins 30 secs
    next 13, next js

    Hot off the Next.js 13 announcement, Guillermo Rauch returns to PodRocket to talk about all the new Next 13 features, how Next has changed since its inception, and the future of the framework as it continues to grow.

  • Deno and Fresh with Luca Casonato (Repeat)

    November 25th, 2022  |  Season 2  |  30 mins
    deno, fresh, fullstack, javascript, runtime, typescript, web framework

    Originally published on August 23rd, 2022.
    We are taking some time off from production. We will be back with new episodes on November 29th.

    Deno is a simple, modern, and secure runtime for JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly. Today, we talk with Luca Casonato, member of the Deno core team and creator of Fresh, a full stack modern web framework for JavaScript and TypeScript developers. What is Fresh? How do we pronounce Deno? We answer these questions and more in this episode!

  • Remix and React Router with Michael Jackson (Repeat)

    November 23rd, 2022  |  Season 2  |  33 mins 26 secs
    remix, web app architecture, web apps

    Originally published on August 9th, 2022
    We are taking some time off from production. We will be back with new episodes on November 29th.

    Remix is a full-stack web framework that lets you focus on the user interface. We talk to Michael Jackson, co-founder of Remix and creator of React Router, about Remix, nested routes, improving UI, and more.