Daniel Roe

Special guest

Open source at @nuxt_js (https://twitter.com/nuxt_js). Ex CTO @parentscheme (https://twitter.com/parentscheme), CEO Concision.
Daniel is on the Framework team at Nuxt (https://nuxtjs.org/). He believes in the power of combining clear brand, beautiful design and leading technology to engage users and drive business growth. He founded and successfully grew a creative agency, launched an HR-tech SaaS startup, and continues to contribute to the developer community in the North East.

He was identified as One to Watch by FreshMinds, has delivered a TEDx talk on the importance of clear communication, was a founding member of Durham Young Professionals and mentors students in the Future Business Magnates programme.

Daniel holds an MA in Jurisprudence from Oxford University and an MTh in Theological and Pastoral Studies from Oak Hill College.

Daniel Roe has been a guest on 3 episodes.