Elian Van Cutsem

Special guest

Elian is a software engineer located in Belgium, currently working as DX-support at Astro. His love for the web was first sparked in 2018 when he decided to build a simple HTML page to display the photos he had taken at the time. Since then and there, he was completely in love with building on and for the web. He tansitioned to a Wordpress drag-and-drop to then started learning JavaScript and JAMStack development.

Today, he is mainly focussed on Full-Stack development with a love for front-end and JavaScript.

He started out as a front-end engineering intern in 2020 at vBridge, where he also started getting into JavaScript frameworks. Next to engineering, he is writing technical documentation & giving talks and workshops about Astro.

Elian Van Cutsem has been a guest on 1 episode.